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'Pop-Up Hills of Low Fell'
Half Marathon Challenge
- Finishers Table -

Updated - 15th August 2017

Course Records : Women
Fiona Braithwaite1h 48m 39s#57
Hayley Mainman1h 56m 10s#24
Laura Gledhill2h 01m 08s#01
Christie Waddington2h 01m 29s#08
Lisa Anderson2h 11m 58s#27
Course Records : Men
Tony Maxwell1h 25m 56s#77
Iain Armstrong1h 28m 26s#56
Graham Pearson1h 29m 17s#45
William F Chadwick1h 31m 49s#46
Lawrence Johnson1h 35m 04s#48
#NameWomen's Run TimeMen's Run Time
01Laura Gledhill2h 01m 08s 
02David Turpin 2h 14m 04s
03Chris Kettle 2h 17m 18s
04Riccardo Antico 2h 19m 40s
05Kevin Bruce 2h 16m 18s
06Rob Masson 2h 03m 35s
07David Mcalister 2h 39m 34s
08Christie Waddington2h 01m 29s 
09Julie Schneider2h 36m 40s 
10Joanne Anderson  
11Joanne Wollaston 2h 44m 14s 
12Naz Bashir  
13Philip Young 2h 02m 08s
14Judith Sponton2h 23m 32s 
15Deborah Irving-Tait 2h 20m 15s 
16Louise Griffin2h 20m 15s 
17Gavin Dowd 2h 03m 05s
18Graham Stephenson  
19Richard Brooks 1h 53m 15s
20Paul Lumley 1h 59m 46s
21Tu Anh Stewart 2h 13m 42s 
22Adam Kelly 1h 49m 23s
23Mark Parker 2h 13m 12s
24Hayley Mainman1h 56m 10s 
25Joe Parker 2h 29m 33s
26Spencer Tindal 2h 29m 33s
27Lisa Anderson2h 11m 58s 
28Jacqui Candlish2h 25m 00s 
29Davey Candlish 2h 25m 00s
30Andrew Softly 1h 50m 52s
31Scott Garrett 1h 41m 31s
32Richard Conder 1h 57m 00s
33John Wiper 1h 57m 38s
34Danny Wade  
35Samantha Bruce2h 45m 34s 
36Helen Mullarkey  
38Amanda Byworth2h 26m 49s 
39Bill Wilson  
40Claire Lloyd2h 20m 25s 
41Jenny Nye2h 20m 02s 
42Phil Askew 2h 43m 08s
43Lisa Primrose2h 18m 55s 
44David Gray 2h 28m 43s
45Graham Pearson 1h 29m 17s
46William F Chadwick 1h 31m 49s
47Jamie Wilson  
48Lawrence Johnson 1h 35m 04s
49Charlotte Proud2h 13m 32s 
50Stephen Mullholland 2h 16m 39s
51Mark Lisle 2h 01m 14s
52Alexandra Lofkin  
53Kevin Kendall 1h 49m 25s
54Susan Lowes2h 17m 52s 
55Lois Lincoln2h 23m 36s 
56Iain Armstrong 1h 28m 26s
57Fiona Braithwaite1h 48m 39s 
58Simon Alison 1h 49m 06s
59Samantha Clappison2h 25m 36s 
60Brian Elstob 3h 20m 39s
61Lee Wilkinson-Brown 2h 19m 11s
62Matt O'Brien 2h 04m 00s
63Lee Robert Nixon 2h 56m 35s
64Siobhan Carroll2h 32m 38s 
65Emma Keenan2h 32m 38s 
66Mark Armstrong  
67Ric Boyer.   
68James May 2h 11m 34s
69Ade Brooks 2h 17m 00s
70Adam Jones 2h 17m 00s
71Lisa Elstob2h 57m 32s 
72Sarah Turnbull  
73Andrew Graham  
74Gemma Poole2h 18m 02s 
75Marie Moore2h 31m 26s 
76Peter Cantwell 2h 03m 09s
77Tony Maxwell 1h 25m 56s

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